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EXO Smart Registrator (ESR) is a software system developed to involve modern technology in everyday registration of work hours. Every company needs to track employee’s work hours and not just for payroll purposes but also in order to be able to improve planning, reduce cost and improve internal processes. As technology is becoming an inseparable part of our everyday life and modern smart phones are used not only for telecommunications, but they also become devices used to pay with, devices to unlock doors with and so on, we came up with the idea to track work hours by using mobile phone.

ESR Reader

The ESR Reader is the base part of the ESR software system and its NFC card reader which hardware is based on Raspberry Pi3 with NFC module PN532. In order to communicate with mobile phone, a software application written in C programming language using libnfc library is installed on the device. The source code for the application can be found here.

ESR Writer

The ESR Writer mobile application is Host-based Card Emulation mobile application and it has the main role in the workflow during the work hour’s registration. When the mobile phone is put near the Raspberry Pi 3 an NFC communication is established and a work log is created. If the registration is successful a sound signal is emitted and a card is displayed on the mobile phone screen. The source code for the application can be found here.

ESR Manager

The ESR Manager is the third part of the ESR software system and is meant to facilitate the device management, the user management and the display of reports and charts with statistics information in an easy and user friendly way. This is a Java based web application and it uses Primefaces as component library.
The source code for the application can be found here. Would you like to try it!

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